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Swimming Trunks

Simple Swimming Trunks

Everyone needs a pair of simple swimming trunks. Keep the focus on that summer body, not a funky trunk design. Material: NylonGender: MenPattern Type: SolidSport Type: Swim

Two-Tone Zipped Swimming Trunks

These two-tone trunks come with a huge advantage over regular old trunks… They've got a zipped pocket! Now you've just got to find something waterproof to fit inside… Material: PolyesterGender: MenItem Type: BriefsSport Type: Swim

Classic Swimming Trunks

Slip these classic swimming trunks on and head down to the beach for an awesome day of swimming, surfing and drinking with your buddies. Ah, summer… How we love you. Item Type: BriefsSport Type: SwimPattern Type: SolidMaterial: PolyesterGender: Men

Take Seriously Swimming Trunks

You've gotta take lazing around on the beach seriously, dude… It's a sport. Not a hobby. Item Type: BriefsSport Type: SwimMaterial: NylonPattern Type: PatchworkGender: Men

Surfer Dude Swimming Trunks

As the name suggests, these trunks come with a free lil' surfer dude printed on the side! What a cutie… Material: NylonGender: MenItem Type: BriefsSport Type: Swim

Flourescent Tie Swimming Trunks

Whatever color you go for, you can be confident that you'll receive a sick pair of swimming trunks complete with a flourescent string tie to help navigate your way in the dark. We're totally joking by the way - it's a piece of green string, not a flashlight. Material: PolyesterGender: MenPattern Type: SolidItem Type: BriefsSport Type: Swim

SWIM Trunks

These trunks are designed for, you guesssed it, SWIMMING! The hint's in the name… Material: NylonGender: MenPattern Type: LetterItem Type: BriefsSport Type: Swim

Octopus Swimming Shorts

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, of course not. It's an octopus on your swimming trunks. How did you think that was either a bird or a plane?? Item Type: BriefsSport Type: SwimMaterial: PolyesterBrand Name: WomailGender: Men

Doggy Swimming Trunks

Everyone knows dogs are man's best friends… So, why not print them on your swimming trunks to show the world?! Item Type: BriefsSport Type: SwimMaterial: PolyesterGender: MenPattern Type: Print